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Dwyer 3002Mrs, 3000Mrs Photohelic Switch/Gage

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Dwyer, 3002MRS, Series 3000MRS Photohelic Switch/Gage, Solid State Relays, 0-2" w.c



Applications Fan Control Damper Control Environmental Pollution Control Approvals CE Approval GOST-R Certificate

Compatible with air and other non-combustible, non-corrosive gases, they can be used in systems with pressures to 25 psig

For applications requiring high cycle rates, choose 3000MRS models with SPST N.O. solid state relays

Gage accuracy is 177 2 of full scale and switch repeatability is 177 1

Gage reading is unaffected by switch operation - will indicate accurately even if power is interrupted

Includes mounting ring, snap ring 18 cable assembly 2 3/16 tubing to 1/8 NPT adapters 2 1/8 NPT pipe plugs 4 6-32 x 1-1/4 RH machine screws panel mounting 3 6-32 x 5/16 RH machine screws surface mounting he Series 3000MR Photohelic 174 Switch/Gage combine the functions of a precise, highly repeatable differential pressure switch with a large easy-to-read analog pressure gage employing the durable, time-proven Magnehelic 174 gage design

Model provide both low and high limit control and include 18-inch cable assemblies for electrical connections

Solid state design now results in greatly reduced size and weight

Switch deadband is one pointer width - less than 1 of full scale

Switch setting is easy to adjust with large external knobs on the gage face

Units can be flush mounted in 4-13/16 hole or surface mounted with hardware supplied