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60 Red Peonies Free Delivery

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The Peony Charm is the flower that captures the unmistakable movement of a flamenco dancer's dress



Blood red and with a dramatic focal point of a center, choose the Peony Charm for something extra special

Did we mention that it smells heavenly too Hailing from our greenhouses in Alaska, the Peony Charm flourishes and impresses anyone it encounters

Don't be mad if they steal the night away, they can be quite engaging! Our expert florists have had a talk with them though, and they'll be on their best behavior they must be absolutely gorgeous

Like the name implies, the Peony Charm is enchanting, dare we say, haunting Yes, this color speaks to vitality itself

Tastefulness is captured in this elegant flower

These flowers can't help their seductive nature

They are sure to earn lots of attention

Use these to create an extravagant atmosphere at a wedding, anniversary, or even your next house party

We're happy to provide stunning flowers shipped directly to you via FedEx or UPS.

With edges that are frilled along the petals, its passionate crimson color and gorgeous layers make it quite the floral view